Eco Friendly Hotels: 1 Hotel

At Olivia Care we believe in attributing our values through all aspects in life. We are heavily influenced by companies and brands whose nature-loving views align with ours and we will always support that. This includes prioritizing eco-friendly hotels on our list of vacation stays, and one of those at the top of our list is the 1 Hotel. So, keep this nature-preserving hotel in mind whenever you travel to Los Angeles, New York City, Miami, Cabo, and Sanya, China and need a place to stay. 

1 Hotel is driven by the inspiration to capture the beauty of nature and commit to safeguarding it as best as they can. Their belief, that we as a society, have a formal responsibility to do our best at protecting our earth, is something we couldn’t be more on board with. Sustainability is the foundation on which they base all of their design, construction and operational decisions; and this radiates through everything they do.

Which is why you’ll see thousands of different plant species as you walk in that puts you right in touch with nature. Not only do you feel the magic and beauty of being surrounded by this greenery, but you can feel good about staying in a place that allows you to do your part in preserving nature too. 

Some of their practices include offering no plastic bottle options but instead providing a refillable water station to encourage their guests to reduce and reuse. But of course, their water stations are triple filtered and delicious, because they still are a luxury hotel at the end of the day! In addition to water, all the bathroom necessities you need such as hand soap, shampoo and body wash are all refillable too.

One of the coolest features you’ll find there is your eco-friendly, wooden hotel key card. The key cards are made entirely from wood fiber and are fully biodegradable! They have no-lamination construction, so they are chlorine-free and are tested to be recyclable. In the rooms you can find reclaimed chalkboards in replacement of paper notepads and hangers that are 100% post-consumer recycled materials. Shower timers are put in place to encourage water conservation, the rooms are furry-family friendly, and they even allow guests to leave gently used clothing behind which the hotel will then donate to charity. 

As for food, you can find a plethora of deliciously ripe, fresh-picked fruits and veggies sourced from regional farms. And healthy, educational and fun activities to offer nature's great explorers. So, there’s no shortage of function, food and fun!

The integrity of their values and the extent to which they go to achieve this is nothing short of admirable. So, you could say we’re a fan. And we’ll always be a satisfied guest. The next time you’re planning your next getaway, think carefully about the hotels you book. You’d be surprised how much more your experience can be elevated when you’re enjoying yourself and doing the right thing too. 

We want to bring awareness on the ingredients people are using and give them the option to make a change.

Henri - Founder