Healthy Skin Starts from Within

We can have all the skincare routines that we commit to on the daily. Wash your hands. Wash your face. Hydrate. Moisturize. Exfoliate. Take off your makeup. Wear sunscreen. Don’t touch your face! Wash your hands again. Wash your face again. Repeat! But there’s another vital element that plays part in this beauty routine, and that of course starts from within! 

As a company built from inquiring minds, we’re here not just to help but to educate. We take information with a grain of salt until we dig into its source and understand the WHY. So, we could just tell you to eat your fruits and veggies because they’re beneficial, or we can explain why they’re beneficial. We prioritize health benefits and support them by reason. But If we covered every compound down to every function, we’d be here all day. So, here’s a shortlist of your beneficial foods down to its root of backed-up science. 

Fatty Fish

Fish and other low-fat protein sources like seafood hold strong on the list for health benefits mainly due to its source of omega-3 fatty acids. DHA, which is an omega 3 fatty acid, is responsible for the health of cell membranes, serving as a primary structural component of the skin. Healthy cell membranes, which make up a large portion of your skin result in softer, hydrated, and wrinkle-free skin. In addition to DHA, EPA is the most important omega 3 fatty acid to reduce cellular inflammation. This also helps manage the oil production and hydration of your skin, all while preventing fast-aging effects and sun damage. 


When it comes to fruit, vitamin C is where the benefits of skin health are reaped. Vitamin C feeds and supports the production of collagen, which, in addition to elastin, is a critical and fundamental protein associated with skin structure. So, when you delve into your fruit bowl in the midst of a hot summer, you can feel good knowing that you’re hydrating your outer layer along with your inner gut.  

Green Tea

Green tea is rich in antioxidants and nutrients that feed your natural glow and exhibit strong properties in anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidation. Some of these powerful compounds include catechin, a natural antioxidant; and ECGC, an anti-androgenic that reduces sebum excretion which is the direct cause of acne. Both of these compounds are a double threat in combating inflammation, reducing any puffiness or skin defects. 


Last but certainly not least, comes the dessert: chocolate. Apparently, it doesn’t just feed the soul! To start, cocoa has a high source of manganese which is important in supporting nutrient absorption. Cocoa is also rich in many other antioxidants such as vitamins A, B1, C, D, and E, plus iron and calcium; which all collectively benefit your skin by detoxifying, hydrating, fighting off free radicals and even protects the skin from UV ray damage.

Just some food for thought for all of our skincare lovers out there! Stay happy, stay healthy, and stay reading our blogs!

We want to bring awareness on the ingredients people are using and give them the option to make a change.

Henri - Founder