Transparency is Key!

In a perfect world, we could look at a company’s product labeled ‘natural’ and trust that it was pure. But you have to ask yourself, is this product the real deal or am I simply falling for a marketing ploy? Is the product description listing ALL the ingredients or just the ones you want to see? 

Believe it or not, most of the medicine and nourishments our body needs are already provided to us on this earth. But unfortunately, not everyone can jump on a plane and travel to a rainforest in Peru to extract medicine from a tree. So, we rely on our skincare companies and trust they know what’s best. But have you ever actually looked up the ingredients that are on the back of your bottles? There are dozens of toxic chemicals used in skincare products for various reasons, and they pose serious health concerns.  

So why are these chemicals even used? Some, like Propylene Glycol, are used to slow the loss of moisture from a product during use. Which sounds great, except that it actually dissolves the skin’s natural oils used to moisturize and can end up drying out your skin more. Surfactants are chemicals you can find in almost every hand soap on the market, but their physio-chemical properties are endangering to human health and they’re commonly discharged into the environment causing pollution. 

Some other common, yet toxic ingredients include Triclosan, a chemical that disrupts your natural hormone balance and is banned in the state of Minnesota. Phthalates, which have been linked to the development of chronic diseases and can cause reproductive defects. And the common Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, which can cause liver and kidney defects. 

In reality, some of these harmful chemicals may produce short term benefits but run the risk of long-term health concerns. What you put on your skin gets absorbed into your bloodstream, eventually making its way into your body. So, if you wouldn’t want to eat it, you don’t want to bathe in it either. 

This precarious field of misleading information is what drove Olivia Care to source pure ingredients that are 100% natural and beneficial. Olivia Care is not just here to provide safe skincare products, but also to inform and educate on why these products and ingredients work. We understand that most people don’t have a chemistry degree on their belt or the time to google every ingredient’s background story. Which is why you can find every ingredient used in our products listed on our website along with an explanation of what they do. We stand by transparency and the goodness of the earth, using nature as our guide and science as our support. 

We want to bring awareness on the ingredients people are using and give them the option to make a change.

Henri - Founder