Review for discounts

Get a 15% discount, plus free shipping with minimum $75 order!

In order to receive the discount, code we require you to leave a review on one of our listed items on our page here:

Detailed instructions:

  1. Log in with your Amazon Account details.
  2. If you don’t have, go ahead and register for one. Its quite simple, like creating an email and Amazon is a trusted website. For detailed instructions on how to register for an amazon account, click here:
  3. Once logged in, copy and paste this link into your browser: Like so:

4. Click on an item title of your choice. Any of them will work. In this case we chose, our Olivia Care Rose Water.

5. Click on the “X” Amount of Customer Reviews if it says “Be the first to leave a review”, skip to step#7

6. Then click on “Write a Review”

7. Write your review, for the world of Amazon to see!

After you have submitted your review, wait till it publishes live on Amazon. This can anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours, so give it some time.

Once you see the review live on Amazon, please email us a link of the review; including product name, and your name. Email us this info at:

When we have verified the review, we will reply back with your unique discount code! Currently we have no limitations on how many coupon codes, you can redeem with this offer, however we do expect this to change in the near future. Act fast and get your coupons now!

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